Japanese Ramen Chain Launches ramen delivery robot for social distancing

Japanese ramen chain Kourakuen is hoping to make social distancing easier, and ease staffing issues at the moment by relying on a new tablet-operated "ramen robot" called the K-1.

Japanese ramen chain Kourakuen has announced that to ensure social distancing among guests and servers it will launch a new tablet-operated “ramen robot” called the K-1 .

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The K-1 helps to reduce the contact between servers and customers, as it’s a shelf-equipped robot with a sensor that navigates around the restaurant without bumping into people or objects. The robot can reportedly respond to voice commands and can be navigated with a tablet that both customer and restaurant staff have.

The K-1 ramen robot will be launched and apparently make a trial run for future use at the original Korakuen location in Motomiya, Fukushima.

According to Kourakuen, the goal is to save labor, which during a pandemic might offer more safety. However, surely I’m not the only one to worry that in the future increased automation like this will mean fewer jobs?

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