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Streamer Deezer cheers Apple antitrust fine but calls tech giant’s DMA response ‘deceptive’

Streaming music service Deezer is joining Spotify in cheering the European Union’s €1.84 billion fine imposed on Apple for breaking antitrust rules in the streaming music market. However, the company …


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Startups:Challenges and Solutions

Starting a Startup? Here Are Key Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Start with a solid business plan: A business plan is essential for mapping out your vision, goals, target audience, and financial projections. It provides a roadmap for your business and helps you stay focused on your objectives.


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Angel Investors for Startup

A Guide to Finding Angel Investors for Startup

What Is an Angel Investor? An angel investor is a person who contributes money to start-ups and small enterprises. Angel investors, in contrast to venture capitalists, are typically unaffiliated with …


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Gov't to let foreign athletes enter Japan under certain conditions

Olympic athletes won’t be forced to get COVID-19 vaccinations, says Bach

TOKYO International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on Tuesday that athletes would not be forced to get COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, but he said they should …