A startup journey needs continuous motivation especially during testing times

Questions to ask yourself before starting a startup business
The author dwells on the startup journey and suggests that for a venture to be successful, it is important that the entrepreneur enjoys his undertaking, is self-motivated, sets unrealistic goals and rewards his own success.

Starting a business is similar to that of planting a seed. Utmost focus, tireless efforts and good amount of money is required to nurture a startup while expecting nothing in return. All these efforts seem to be fruitful when the business starts yielding profit.

However, like seeds not all the startups grow. A lot of them are not able to sustain while many don’t grow at the pace which was eventually expected and the Covid outbreak across the world has increased the woes for the startups, but that should not demotivate you from putting in the efforts; rather, you should keep in mind what Winston Churchill said once that, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.

The governments across the globe are working to provide a conducive environment but it is very important for the startup founders to keep their energy levels high during the testing times in order to thrive in the future.

Here are a few tips on how startup founders can keep their spirits high even during the difficult phase.

Self-care is important

While tackling all the difficulties it is extremely important to keep your energy barrels full. Despite working 24/7 sometimes it becomes difficult to finish the required work; therefore, self-care becomes very important. Just as it is announced during flights that before putting on oxygen masks for others, put your own; similarly, without taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of your business, clients, family and many other things.

Enjoy your work

If you are having a tough time staying motivated as startup founder, it might be because you are not enjoying what you are doing. You must value the complexities of the tasks being worked on from an analytical point of view.

The completion of work must be enjoyed like an accomplishment similar to that of striking off the items from a certain to-do list. It is important to ensure that you bring out ways to enjoy your work despite the challenges of the business you are building.

Copy your mentor
When feeling down, copy your mentors as it helps you in keeping your spirits high even at the most difficult times. Analyse the behaviour of other startup founders, angel investors, venture capitalists, etc., whom you admire. Look at the ways they promote themselves on various platforms, how they build reputation as experts and grow their network.
It is important to behave like a successful entrepreneur and ultimately you will become successful. An age-old saying “faking it until you make it” is true for all the startup founders who are looking forward to motivating themselves.

Reward your success

It is really difficult to earn applause from others when you start something of your own, such is the nature of the society we live in. When you look forward to getting validation from others for your startup, most likely you will be disappointed. Reasons can be many – some may be preoccupied with their own business and therefore, might not have time to say a few words of encouragement to motivate you.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to reward your own success. You need to figure out ways to pat your own back and create opportunities to promote your startup on your own. Cheering for yourself will not only add fuel to your motivation but will also encourage you to put in more efforts for your business, thereby helping in growing it exponentially.

Set goals which are unrealistic

It is vital to set some unrealistic goals to be successful. However, many might counter this by saying that taking baby steps helps a lot but it doesn’t do good as it doesn’t ignite you to move ahead and come out from your comfort zone.

Some unrealistic goals may seem beyond your reach, but there is a sense of thrill when you achieve them. However, you should also ensure that the entrepreneurial dreams are not unattainable, but impressive enough that you will want to shout your success from the rooftops when you reach your goal.

Prioritise, be focused and organised

Prioritising is vital while you start something of your own as it helps you in operating the business in a smooth manner. It also keeps you organised as you will be able to keep a track of the work done and pending assignments. Apart from this, it also keeps you focused in taking your dreams to the next level.
A startup can never be successful with a haphazard way of operation.

During the entire startup journey, there are several patches of trying times which does not mean that it is the end of your entrepreneurial dreams. Stoking your own flames of business passion will surely help you in surviving the difficult phase despite being low on energy. Incorporate these tips for entrepreneurs into your daily life and you will stack the odds of business success in your favour.

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