Three major airports in Tokyo will have COVID testing centers for traveler comfort

Japan health minister on Thursday said : We are planing to set up new COVID testing centers at three major airports in Tokyo, Osaka and in the central parts of cities as we are preparing to give relaxation to our travelers and our give some relax in our travel restriction .

According to Govt Officials : Plan is to mainly targeting those people in the beginning entering Japan to abroad are to set up at the airports, Tokyo’s Haneda ,Narita near the capital and Kansai in Osaka Prefecture .

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To Construct this facilities is aiming as per health authority also hoping to reduce virus testing time to a few hours by using the mentioned method of PCR. The construction of the facilities is aimed at the increasing the amount of polymerase chain reaction or PCR test to over 4000 per day .

With results confirmed in around one or two days , Airport quarantine stations currently conduct about 1,000 daily PCR tests.

Health minister Katsunobu Kato said, “(The centers) will probably be operated by private medical institutions and testing firms after an inspection at Narita airport. “We, as the health ministry, will fully support them.” The facility at the airport is expected to be under construction for two months and open in September.

According to the officials sources, the constructed testing centers in central parts of the two major cities will target travelers leaving for foreign countries, while the facilities near the airport will have for both arrivals and departures.

As per the available sources :The government is also considering issuing certificates for those who test negative.

To Control and prevent the spread of COVID19 since February Japan has been strengthening the travel restrictions for inbound visitors

However as per itinerary on where the traveler plan to go during the stay and after submission of negative Covid test Japan is currently in talks with the several countries to mutually ease travel restrictions for business people, those countries include Australia and Thailand.

Recently travel from Japan to Vietnam partially resumed late last month with charter flights carrying mainly business people.

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