Merpay Inc is planning to allow employees to freely choose workplace on a trial basis this summer

Merpay allows employees to work wherever they want — including resort spots or overseas

Merpay, Inc. is a FinTech company founded in November 2017 as a group company of Mercari, Inc., the biggest C2C marketplace app provider in Japan.At Merpay we’re imagining a future where our users will be able to sell items they no longer need on Mercari then use their newly accrued balance to make a payment at a nearby store.

company is planning to test on a trial basis this summer a system that allows employees to work wherever they want — including resort spots or overseas.Also company will subsidise up to ¥200,000 for moving and accommodation expenses to the remote workplace.

Amid the spread of corona virus, the company want to try and test for new work styles that do not keep an employee tied to a specific location.The test program aims to examine how the workplace affects employee productivity and job satisfaction. If positive effects are proven, the company will consider expanding the system.

The company will internally screen employees to choose several of them to participate in the test program. Each will be allowed to work in a place other than the company or their home for up to three weeks.

They can choose to work at a domestic resort such as those in Okinawa Prefecture or an overseas location, although it might be difficult to travel abroad at the moment.

Merpay has ordered all employees in principle to work at home since mid-February. By utilizing videoconferencing and other systems, the company said it has seen no change in its business operations.

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