Japanese low-cost carrier takes on govt clerical work to support citizens

Peach Aviation Ltd., a Japanese low-cost carrier based at Kansai International Airport, will undertake part of the municipal government’s clerical work in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, to help distribute the across the board ¥100,000 special cash payment, which will be provided to each member of the public as a measure against the new coronavirus, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. Izumisano city government has asked the low-cost carrier, which has an abundance of staff due to a drastic reduction in flights, to assist with the project to support citizens.

Peach Aviation has suspended all international flights due to the spread of the virus and the number of passengers on domestic flights during the Golden Week holidays saw usage plummet to 10% of the same period last year.

While Izumisano city government is unable to provide enough staff for its own projects, such as interest-free student loans and helping other citizens in poverty. The city government asked the carrier to cooperate because application for the special cash payment may reach its peak next week.

Each day, up to 40 flight attendant trainees will check application documents and perform other tasks. “We want to contribute to the local community because it’s a tough time,” an official of the company said.


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