Government panel to discuss border control plans for Olympics

Government panel to discuss border control plans for Olympics

A government panel tasked with taking measures against the coronavirus for the Tokyo Games will discuss border controls, anti-virus countermeasures at venues and its plans for dealing with infected people at its first meeting this week, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.

With the games were postponed by one year to next July due to the pandemic, the panel will also consider introducing a mobile app that tracks the movements of athletes and stakeholders at the meeting on Friday, the sources said.

As for border controls, the panel will look at easing restrictions on entering Japan for athletes and games officials should they present negative polymerase chain reaction test results and accept requests to limit their movements during the event.

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The meeting will also explore how hosting towns for pre-games training camps should prepare for the arrival of athletes, while rules on the use of public transport and the need for an isolation period upon entry into Japan will also be on the agenda.

Officials will also discuss plans to ensure enough hospital beds, doctors and virus testing capacity as well as health checks when athletes enter venues.

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As a precaution to prevent the spread of the virus, around 80,000 volunteers, International Olympic Committee and media officials will likely be separated into two groups, with only one group allowed to come into contact with athletes.

Physical distancing and a decrease in the number of spectators and physical distancing will also be among measures discussed.

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