16 lost life due to torrential rain in southwestern Japan and 12 missing

Due to torrential rain and flood in Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu which swept away many vehicles destroy houses and causes bridge to collapse and many well living towns and houses submerged and communities to cut off.

As per the latest sources : Atleast 16 popele are dead and 12 are missing due to torrential rain in southwestern Japan which caused massive floods and mudslides.

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As per the local media many rescue workers sift through debris in search of those missing people .

As authorities asked ans urge more than 200,000 people to evacuate and also those in emergency shelters to wash hands and maintain a proper social distancing to prevent other virus i.e spread of COVID.

” Disaster Management Minister Ryota Takeda told reporters after visiting a gymnasium in Hitoyoshi city where 600 residents are sheltering.”We will do our utmost to prevent the spread of the infection and make lives of those who had to flee their home as comfortable as possible.

16 people are dead so far and in addition to this national broadcaster NHK said another 20 people are in a state of cardio respiratory arrest a term which is used in Japan before a doctor officially announce and certify death .

They include 14 residents of a nursing home which was flooded after a nearby river broke its banks on Saturday.

A large “SOS” sign was created on the grounds of what used to be an elementary school in Yatsushiro city, where about 10 people waved white towels at rescue and media helicopters.

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