YouTube Kids app now available on Apple TV

YouTube Kids Google’s video streaming service app for children can now be viewed on Apple TV

YouTube Kids, Google’s video streaming service aimed at children, can now be viewed on Apple TV streaming boxes, the company announced . YouTube Kids , a video platform that lets you set age categories and display timers and other controls at home, is now available on Apple TV .

Here is a list of countries currently available, but more countries will be added. According to YouTube, safety control settings will still need to be set using the mobile version of the app.

YouTube Kids aims to provide children with a safe alternative to YouTube. YouTube itself can show violent content and things that parents and parents don’t want their kids to see, even when restricted mode is turned on. Such things include videos that seem to have been made for children at first glance. Often drawn are popular cartoon characters, but filled with inappropriate content. YouTube began to pay more attention to such content after the 2017 , but it’s still regularly appearing in platform-generated recommendations .

In general, the main YouTube app is full of popular children’s channels and educational content, but it’s a dangerous place for kids. In 2019, YouTube disabled comments on the video to prevent violent behavior, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said $ 170 million in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Act (COPPA). (18.3 billion yen) was also fined. COPPA introduces new rules for kids videos, but creators say the rules are confusing and result in lost revenue.

YouTube has expanded the use of YouTube Kids to make the brand more family-friendly. For example, the company launched the YouTube Kids website before the official settlement with the FTC was announced .

However, most YouTube Kids videos are still algorithmically filtered, leaving the app with the potential to display inappropriate content. However, while not perfect, YouTube Kids provides features that help parents prevent harmful content from being seen by children, including the ability to whitelist certain videos and channels .

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