Tokyo facing new infections in nightlife districts

The Japanese minister in charge of coronavirus response and Tokyo governor are expected to discuss how to curb rising infections in Tokyo’s nightlife districts.

The Tokyo metropolitan government confirmed 26 new cases on Saturday. It’s the sixth consecutive day of more than ten new cases in the Japanese capital.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi noted on Saturday that people with links to night clubs and bars in entertainment districts account for more than 30 percent of those who tested positive during the past week and whose infection routes were untraceable.

The minister said the recent increases in the number of new cases gives him a sense of crisis.

Nishimura plans to meet Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko and medical experts to assess the current situation and discuss ways to prevent the spread of the virus among young people and in nightlife districts.

They are also expected to exchange views on measures to decrease the number of people who use trains and other public transportation systems during morning rush hours through further promotion of telework and flex time. The number of people commuting to work in the morning has been gradually increasing after the government lifted the state of emergency last month.

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