Tokyo cheerleader pub’s coronavirus countermeasures include full face shields for customers

Though many restaurants in Japan have transitioned to take-out service these days, eat-in dining is still allowed. Cheers One, an izakaya (Japanese pub) with a cheerleader theme in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood, is one such establishment still offering in-restaurant meals, but with new health and hygiene policies in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

To start with, immediately upon entering the premises guests must wipe their feet on a disinfecting mat and have their temperature taken with a non-contact device, with those showing a fever asked to go home immediately.

Those who don’t have a fever can’t just mosey on in, though. There’s a multi-step disinfection process they have to undergo, with various sprays and wipes for their clothing, bag, hands, and even smartphone.

Once that’s all done, guests have to conform with Cheers One’s new dress code: gloves and masks, which must remain in place on the customer’s face whenever they’re not actively eating or drinking.

Cheers One has a supply of masks and gloves to provide to customers who didn’t bring their own.

And finally, for those wanting the restaurant’s highest level of protection, there are loaner face shields.

Cheers One says it’s also reduced its number of seats by more than 50 percent, to maintain greater distances between diners, though it seems like the safest meal plan would be to avoid eating out altogether until the coronavirus pandemic calms down.


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