Out-of-box thinking is necessary to get a different identity

Most people think of the events or problems around them from the old perspective or way of listening from childhood. But we should also keep in mind that our different view can make the situation easier. But people who think out of the box often do something amazing, which many people do not even think about. In this inspiring story continued here, ‘Out of Box Thinking’ is very easily explained –

A Japanese soap manufacturer was known for its quality and world class processes. Once they encountered a strange problem. He got a complaint that when a customer bought a box of soap, it was empty. When the complaint was investigated, it was found that the lapse occurred on behalf of the company. When the soap was being sent from the assembly line to the delivery department, one box was left empty. The incident caused a lot of disarray for the company.

Company officials were very upset about how this happened. A high level meeting was called immediately. Intense discussion took place and measures were sought from the people to prevent this from happening in future. After much deliberation it was decided that an X-ray machine would be installed at the end of the assembly line which would be connected to a high resolution monitor. The person sitting in front of the monitor will be able to see if the box is empty or full. In a few days this system was going to be implemented. During this time, when a small rank employee came to know of this problem, he removed the solution in a very cheap and easy way.

He suggested placing a fast moving fan in front of the assembly line. Now every box has to pass through the strong wind in front of the fan. As soon as the empty box came out, the wind would blow it away. The creative thinking of this man not only saved crores of money from the company, but also gave him a boost in work.

Story learning-
The best thing about creative thinking is that it has nothing to do with bookish knowledge. Each one of us can solve our problems in simple ways, but it is often the case that we first settle for the solution that comes to mind. This story is a great example of out-of-box thinking

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