List of top 10 Japanese Startups by Market Capitalization

Corporate world always looks for investor where one can get maximum of growth. Japan is still the third-largest economy by gross domestic product (GDP). This makes it a hot spot for startups in Japan because of how much potential there is to grow there.

Top 10 Japanese Startups by Market Capitalization

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is the world’s third largest and Asia’s largest exchange by market capitalization. We will focus on the Market of the High-growth and Emerging Stocks (Mothers) market which is usually where the shares of startup companies are listed and traded. The chart below is a list of the top Japanese startups by market capitalization value in the TSE Mothers.

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CompanyIPO yearIndustryMarket CapitalizationEstablished year
Mercari, Inc.2018IT$4.50 BillionFeb 2013
PKSHA Technology Inc.2017IT$1.91 BillionOct 2012
SanBio Ltd.2015Medicine$1.88 BillionFeb 2013
TKP Corporation2017Real Estate$1.78 BillionAug 2005
Sansan, Inc.2019IT$1.49 BillionJun 2007
HEROZ, Inc.2018IT$1.39 BillionApr 2009
RAKSUL INC.2018IT$1.29 BillionSep 2009
RAKUS Co., Ltd.2015IT$1.20 BillionNov 2000, Inc.2014Service$1.11 BillionJul 2005
Kudan Inc.2018IT$0.99 BillionNov 2014

1 USD = 100 JPY

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