Job placements for graduates falls down by 15.1% in 2021 due to COVID19

A research institute said on Thursday that the Job offers to students set to graduate from universities and graduate schools next March fell down to 15.1 percent from a year earlier to 683,000 amid the coronavirus pandemic, recorded as of now the sharpest drop in a decade.

Japan Airlines Co and H.I.S. Co to suspend recruitment for new graduates in the coming spring,The estimated fall in job offers by private companies reflected moves by such major companies as ANA Holdings Inc.

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According to the Recruit Works Institute, a research division of Recruit Holdings Co, The ratio of job offers to applicants worsened for the second year in a row to 1.53 from 1.83, the steepest fall since 2011, when the labor market was still reeling from the 2009 global financial crisis.

By industry, job offers in the service and information sector dived 21.6 percent from the previous year to 73,100, while distributors saw a 17.9 percent drop to 274,000 and manufacturers a 16.2 percent decline to 234,000, respectively.

The number of job offers to new graduates had increased for last five straight years through 2019 before falling this spring, but there were still 800,000 offers.

The institute’s initial survey drew responses from 2,479 job-seeking students and 4,481 companies with five or more employees, of which 3,733 responded to the extra survey in June.

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