Online sales saas Platform bellFace scoops up 3 billion yen in series D round

bellFace scoops up 3 billion yen in series D round

Bellface, which operates the online sales system “Bellface” that realizes non-face-to-face business negotiations, announced on September 21 that it has raised approximately 3 billion yen in Series D round funding through a third-party allotment. .. Underwriters are Singapore venture capital Axiom Asia Private Capital, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Investment, Dai-ichi Life Insurance, and SMBC Venture Capital, an incubate fund for existing investors. The total amount raised was 8.55 billion yen.

BellFace, whose mission is to “release intuition and guts sales with technology and bring new business opportunities to companies,” promotes sales DX for governments and companies. We are developing Bellface as a service that enables business negotiations such as sharing materials and screens using a phone and a PC / smartphone, and there is no need for advance preparation such as application installation or URL issuance, and it is efficient without troublesome settings and procedures. It is said that it has a number of functions that enable non-face-to-face business negotiations. In addition, it is possible to record videos and conversations of business negotiations, which can be shared and analyzed by teams, so it is possible to improve the skills of sales organizations and improve management efficiency.

Recently, the introduction in the financial industry is accelerating, especially in the area of ​​personal sales, “The convenience of bellFace that can be used easily and with peace of mind even for those who are unfamiliar with IT equipment or who do not have an Internet environment. It is highly evaluated for its sexuality. “

The funds raised this time will be used to develop new functions and strengthen security for major financial companies. We will also actively invest in product development with a view to the medium to long term.

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