Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

If there is one thing common in all of us, it is the flaming urge to be happy and satisfied in life. The benefits of meditation are numerous and varied, and supported by science. Many people start meditating to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and to cultivate peace of mind.

This article reviews health benefits of meditation.

1.Reduce Stress

Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.One review concluded that meditation lives up to its reputation for stress reduction.

Normally, mental and physical stress cause increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

2.Controls Anxiety

Meditation can reduce stress levels, which translates to less anxiety.

A meta-analysis including nearly 1,300 adults found that meditation may decrease anxiety. Notably, this effect was strongest in those with the highest levels of anxiety.

3.Meditation Enhances Empathy

Loving-kindness or compassion meditation fires neural connections to brain sites that regulate positive emotions like empathy and kindness. The deep state of flow that meditation induces builds social connectedness and make us more affectionate and amicable as a person.

4.Meditation Improves Cognition

Researchers agree that an excellent way for professionals to increase the likelihood of success is to keep meditation practice as a part of their daily routine.

Studies have revealed that meditation practices improve the brain’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies, which can bring a desirable shift in our professional life.

5.Make You More Kind or Loving

Loving kindness meditation can foster compassion for yourself and others. It strengthens circuits in the brain that pick up on other people’s emotions.

To start a loving kindness meditation, you might envision a loved one in your mind and wish them happiness.


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