The Use of Technology in Our Daily Life

Use of technology in our daily lives

No one can escape the absolute necessity of technology in our daily lives. Each of us is so heavily dependent on technology that we cannot do anything easily without it. 

Technology is important because it is used in all areas of life. When you contemplate your daily routine and count all the technology gadgets you consume in just one day, you will realize how important technology is when you use mobile, watch TV, drive a car, and use a computer or any electrical machine. 
In fact, day after day is increasing depending on technology whether during communication or transportation or search for any information or even entertainment. 

Humans have also reached the moon with the revolution in space technology. Technology can not only help with the present but also bring the future closer. Hence, technology is undeniably important in our lives.

Technology has evolved and shaped our workplaces in many ways, through the adoption of tools like the internet and email for communications, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations for office productivity, electronic databases for record keeping, and robots and artificial intelligence for automation.

So embracing it and learning how to use technology in whatever we do is very important and recommended. Living up in this dynamic world means we need to keep up with changing technologies. So it is better to stay up-to- date with new emerging technologies and learn how to embrace and use them in your daily life.

1.Technology in Communication

Technological advances in communication have become endless. Technology is of great importance in terms of facilitating communication between people, as it has contributed effectively to make the big world look like a small village. 
This has been achieved with technology that provides opportunities for people to promote and facilitate communication between them, ranging from fixed and mobile phones to the Internet and the related ability of people to communicate with each other across continents and countries in a matter of seconds. 
Technology provides the possibility of communication between many parties in different regions of the world very quickly, which helps them to spread, both in the dissemination of information and various news or in the sharing of knowledge and science.

2.Office productivity

Word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations and other office productivity software have become so commonplace that their use has become routine, and this has completely transformed office work.

Office software is now becoming integrated with other productivity and decision making tools like PowerBI and this new wave will revolutionize the workplace again.In the office, the ability of networked computers to share and manipulate data can speed up a variety of tasks – permitting employees to work more efficiently and maximize productivity. 

3.Technology in Business

using technology to perform numerous tasks. When you compare the amount of money spent on hiring and training an individual to perform a certain task it is costly but when it comes to technology, a small business can scale out and consistently deliver more at high quality with less human resources, often equating less cost.

  • Robots being used in manufacturing companies
  • Software used to maintain inventories and data
  • Companies using biometric finger prints for attendance
  • Companies using computers for their routine works

4.Technology in Education

E-learning is one of the most significant contributions of technology to learning; The learner can control his / her education system by managing the learning process, the content of the learning process, and communicating with colleagues in the learning process. 

E-learning has provided the learner with many programs that provide immediate reference to what the learner is asking for, by providing discussion forums and libraries that allow questions to be asked and answered very quickly. 
Technological advances have also allowed the so-called open education that allows people with health problems or living far away to enroll in online classrooms.

5.Technology in Health

Technology has had a huge impact on the healthcare industry. Advancements in diagnostic tools permit doctors to identify health problems early, improving the odds of successful life-saving treatments. Vaccines have been incredibly effective, practically eradicating diseases such as measles, diphtheria, and smallpox – which once caused massive epidemics. Modern medicine allows patients to manage chronic conditions that were once debilitating and life-threatening, such as diabetes and hypertension. Advancements in medical technology have increased lifespans and improved the quality of life for people worldwide.

6.Technology in Entertainment

Technology has made entertainment portable and affordable. 

They got the entertainment to our phone and ipads! We can book a movie ticket or just simply watch live feeds as per our convenience. We can store almost 10000 songs in one iPods or simply talk to our AI partners Alexa or Siri !

We can look at few examples of technology in Entertainment:

  • Netflix, Hotstar , Amazon prime
  • Bookmyshow , paytm etc
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Speakers
  • LCDs

The Bottom Line

Technology is now so integrated with our lives that going without it can cause severe anxiety for some. It’s not hard to see why. Technology has taken over.

Both our professional and personal lives are now technology dependent. While older generations are fighting back with unplugged retreats, the next wave of Americans can’t picture their lives without tech. They might not have anything to worry about. The future favors these digital natives.

Advancements in technology have improved virtually every aspect of our lives, and the best is yet to come.

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