How to Pursue Your Dreams When You are Afraid To?

Pursue your dreams when you are afraid to

One of the most significant blocks to pursuing a dream is fear. It’s a big reason why I didn’t fully pursue my dreams and why I was afraid to begin sharing my desire to write with the world. However, our dreams are too important to be held back by fear or anything else. In this post, I give you six simple steps to overcome fear so you can start living the life you want.

We have all experienced this at least at one point of our lives. We have a dream. A goal. An ambition. Which we want to achieve.We start off really excited. We are kept awake by thoughts of how amazing it would be. And that our lives would never be the same again.

This could be a passion, a calling, a project, a gift or an initiative.

Singing, baking, taking a language class, travelling, speaking in front of a crowd, starting a business, applying for a bigger position, going after that girl, moving to a new country, etc.

And then we stop in our tracks because we think that we are not good enough.

That no one would bother to listen to us when we step up on stage to speak. That no one would pay (that amount) for our craft, baked goods or planning expertise. That no one would clap when we finish our song.That people would mock us, laugh at us, ridicule us and wonder why we bothered to step out of our comfort zones to pursue that dream, when we could have remained comfortable and rested on our laurels.

1.Clearly Define Your Dreams

Now, what I mean by this is to set some time aside, 30-45 minutes should be enough.

Write what comes to your mind or what has always been there but you have been ignoring or have been too afraid to put into words. Whatever your dream, your goal, your desire is,write it down.

Make sure you spend plenty of time on this step because you will put this list where it is visible to you every – this is the most important step.

2. Your gift is your service to the world

Like the point above, your gift, passion and talent can and should be used not just to satisfy yourself but to serve others and the world around you. You are a tool, an asset, an instrument.

It is your duty and mission to hone and refine your craft so that you can deliver exceptional value to others. If you are a singer, it’s less about the nervousness of one person (i.e. yourself) and more about captivating, entertaining and enchanting the 250 guests at your show.

So stretch your perspective. It’s not always about you.

3. Start where you’re at

You don’t need to learn everything first, start achieving your goals now, where you’re at. You’re a beginner, so begin! Take a class, watch a video online, and research tools to help you learn and grow, but start moving forward now.  This ties into the need for perfection; you want to make sure you have everything just right, so you don’t make a mistake.  This will keep you from ever starting or ever finishing. So start pursuing your dream today with the tools you have and learn along the way. Let yourself be a beginner.

4.Be Flexible

There are many, many ways of getting to where you want to go or where you want to be.

You may find that a certain set of actions that you have grown accustomed to doing daily suddenly do not seem to be working or they do not seem to “feel” right any longer.

There are no set in stone rules that you have to abide by or follow to be successful.

If you see that something is not working any longer take some time to reevaluate What you could do change it. Think about it from all angles, all views.

Take some time to readjust your plan. It is a necessity to be flexible and something that you will not be able to avoid if you want to be successful in obtaining your dreams.

5. More time spent worrying is less time executing/delivering

Let me say this bluntly. All the whining, sulking, complaining, worrying and b*tching isn’t going to improve anything. In fact, it’s going to make you and others feel worse. The less time you spend obsessing about whether you are good enough, the more time you have to train and develop yourself so that you eventually become good enough, if not more than good enough.

The less time you spend complaining, the more time you spend adding value. The less time you spend talking about your problems, the more time you have to come up with solutions.

6.Do It For Yourself

Don’t do this to impress anyone or even to get rich. Pursue your goals because they matter to you.  Your dream is worth your time and should be something that calls out to you day in and day out. It may not always be enjoyable, but it’s worth doing because it makes you happy and gives you purpose.  Part of the journey to overcome fear, is to let go of the fear of what others think. Sometimes, it only matters what you think about yourself.

If you create something true to the calling you feel inside yourself, then you will not only bring yourself joy, but you will spread that joy to others. Each of us is designed for a purpose, and we need to discover what that is and then never stop.


You were given your dream for a reason. Let’s stop making excuses and start moving toward our dreams with real focus, intensity and force. That’s why we were gifted with the hunger, drive and desire for that dream—to strive for it, to grow into it, to achieve it, to become your best self along the way. Move with enough consistency toward your dream despite your fears and soon you’ll experience what we call The Charged Life.

Without even realizing, you are right now squashing that fear you have in following your dreams.

While you have been reading this, you have had no fear.

Think about it…. You were built to follow and build your dreams.

You are more than capable, now take action.

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