Tata teams with University of Tokyo on workplace robots

Tata teams with University of Tokyo on workplace robots

TOKYO — The IT services arm of India’s Tata Group has partnered with the University of Tokyo for joint research on technological innovation and supporting global growth of academic startups.

Tata Consultancy Services will collaborate with the university’s Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in researching the “future of work,” with the goal of developing autonomous robots that help workplaces. They envision using artificial intelligence-based applications for controlling the robots, which will perform various tasks to assist human workers.

TCS will also link University of Tokyo startups with its global network of collaboration partners from academia and business as well as customers. This will give young companies opportunities to commercialize their technologies and enter international markets.

As part of this talent exchange, India’s largest IT service provider will give special seminars to the university’s graduate and undergraduate students, with topics including embedded systems and robotics. Envisioned activities also include utilizing TCS facilities in India and beyond.

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