All Nippon Airways Co. increase its domestic flights next month

ANA secures ¥400 bil in loans as COVID travel slump bites

On Tuesday All Nippon Airways Co said it will lift up the number of domestic flights next month, which is potentially resuming about 90 % of its coronavirus hit services,and now it expects a recovery in demand as its time for summer holidays and a tourism boosting subsidy campaign.

ANA will reopen 22 domestic routes connecting Hokkaido and Okinawa to other areas, Ahead of the annual rush of travelers during Japan’s “Bon” summer holidays . Regional economies are gradually reopening after travel restrictions were eased.

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From 1st of Aug ,The Japanese airline will resume flights between Kobe and Sapporo and those from Nagoya to Hakodate from Aug 7th ,among other service.

The announcement comes as the government begins on July 22 the Go To Travel Campaign aimed at spurring domestic tourism hit by the coronavirus. Including accommodation and transport fees the initiative will eventually subsidize up to half a traveller’s expenses.

ANA suspended 12,227 domestic flights on 109 routes in July. Under its business plan, ANA said out of the 24,814 domestic flights it initially planned to operate in August, 2,932 services will be suspended or reduced.

As for international flights, ANA’s flights linking Tokyo’s Haneda airport to Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Washington and Paris will resume next month.

However,ANA said that roughly 90 percent of its international services will remain suspended, the same level for this month amid the pandemic.

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